When you are just starting in your marketing journey, it can be hard  to understand how you can reach the expert level, gain social proof, gain traction and leverage.

When starting a business, our own or through affiliation or a franchise, we all are unknown in this noisy internet world. We don’t have any social proof, we don’t have any income proof, we don’t have any success stories. In fact we are starting from the bottom of the ladder.

The best way to bypass these obstacles it’s to be creative and borrow what we need.

Borrow What?

Yes, if you start with a program, business or franchise, you need to find out who are the leader, where hangout, what channels they are using for their promotions and so on.

This first part is your first task: Research

Your second task is to collect, recycle or curate as much as possible the content these leaders, experts or coaches have published. By associating yourself with these people and providing third party income proofs, testimonials, training, advises, tips, you position yourself way above the newbie or the average folk.

If you follow the path of successful people by doing the exact same things they are doing, you should see results. You don’t want to photocopy them, you need to add your personal touch to what you say, record and publish.

The keys are consistency, follow what the top leaders do, add your personal touch and do more than what the average people do.

Often, you’ll have to do things you’re not very comfortable with and this is the beginning of creating success. The more you do it, the more confidence you acquire. Getting out of your comfort zone will lead you to success.

The best examples are:

  • writing content on a regular basis.
  • talking in front of a camera
  • creating video training
  • organizing a conference
  • talking in front of an audience
  • booking you first solo ad
  • creating a squeeze page
  • creating your own lead magnet
  • dealing with little technical part of your business, blog, theme, plugin, tracking,…

We all have to start somewhere, and we all have to overcome fears, doubts, challenges…

Never worry to ask for advise, help and remember Google and YouTube can be you best friends.

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