Easy Traffic Method

Easy Traffic Method

Easy Traffic Method

A quite new website called Ad Cumulo allow you to drive easy traffic to any offer you want to promote.

This is a new advertising platform allowing you to not only purchase different types of advertising like:

  • Banner ADs
  • Text ADs
  • Surfing Site ADs

This advertising network offers banner and text ads as well as direct visits from their traffic exchanges.

You can purchase access to their network from this Adcumulo by buying advertising credits packages from the member back-office webstore, also known as Ad Packs.

Ad Packs can be purchased in multiples of $20.00. Each $20.00 purchase will get you 2000 network ad credits.

Each credit is sufficient to show one impression of a text or banner ad. 10 credits will get you a direct visit to your site from the easy traffic exchange.

Here’s how it becomes very interesting:


We have a very attractive affiliate program that allows our active members to share in the profits generated by our site.

Please note. This is not an “Investment Program”. We do not sell “Shares” or provide “Return On Investment” or any type of fixed or guaranteed rate payments for “deposits” or “money put in”.  We do not hold or pretend to offer or hold any security or equity in ours or some other project that pays a return.

We are a marketing site that makes sales of our advertising services, which generate profits, and these profits are what we share with our affiliates.

That being said, this really has to be one of the simplest affiliate programs ever. It is not MLM, or a matrix or a pass-up or cycler. You do not have to make referrals or sponsor anyone if you dont want to, you can still benefit.


To participate in the revenue share, you just need to sign up, buy one or more AdPacks, keep active and surf ten sites daily and…. well…. thats pretty much it.

In fact if you sign up right now, you receive a Welcome Bonus which includes an adpack and trial units so you dont even need to buy anything. You get a FREE TRIAL of our system for up to 60 days.

When buying one of our qualifying AdPacks, which start at USD10.00, in addition to the 1000 ad credits that it provides for access to the ad network, you are also issued as a reward 10 (ten) revenue collecting centers or units, which we call Realtime Accumulation Units (RAUs).
Your Member Rank will also be upgraded to Bronze or higher depending on how many active referrals you have made.

These RA Units are what we use to track how much we pay you back a rebate or commission for being an active affiliate. Please make sure that you understand this part clearly – We dont sell you RA Units. They are not a thing that can be bought. We only sell AdPacks. The RA Units are also not part of the service, thus are not part of the sales contract.

Once you have one or more active RA Units, all you need to do to make sure you are qualified for the next 24 hours to receive payments, is to login and surf 10 sites on our traffic exchange network.

As soon as you complete this small task, you will see your RA Units immediately begin to collect or accumulate revenue. The revenue accumulated is ‘Locked-In’ every hour, ie it is totalled up and transferred to your back-office cash account.

Each RA Unit can accumulate up to USD2.00 in stages of 1.10, 1.20, 1.40, 1.60, 1.80 and 2.00 as your Member Rank grows. Thus for a 10 dollar adpack purchase, you could accumulate up to $20.00 in revenue, a massive 100% profit.

Additionally, as you rise up in Member Ranking, a multiplier is applied to the value of the revenue payments accumulated.
For example, for a member at Bronze Level the multiplier is 1.0. At Silver it is 1.2. If the basic revenue split for a block of units every hour was 10c, then you would accumulate 10c if you were Bronze, and 12c if you were Silver. If you were a GOLD member that would now be 14c an hour. And it is even higher for higher levels, up to 20c at Iridium at the top.


Your Member Rank or Level is determined by how many members which you have personally referred are upgraded to Bronze or higher. When you have 3 or more referrals that match or exceed your current level, then your Rank will increase accordingly.
For example, you are Bronze. You introduce 3 people who each upgrade and they each become Bronze. Your rank is now upgraded to Silver.
When you have 3 Bronzes which you referred each achieve Silver themselves, your rank increases to Gold. And so on, up to Iridium.
It is not at all difficult to move up the ranks because it is very easy to refer new affiliates here. Our Welcome Bonus is very attractive and makes it so easy to promote. Once your referrals have seen how simple it is to begin making an income with this system, they are certain to upgrade.

FREE 1.00 0.5
TRIAL 1.00 0.75
BRONZE 1.10 1.0
SILVER 1.20 1.2
GOLD 1.40 1.4
TITANIUM 1.60 1.6
PLATINUM 1.80 1.8
IRIDIUM 2.00 2


In addition to the revenue share, we also pay a 10% Direct Affiliate Commission on all the AdPack purchases made by your first level direct referrals.

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