Domain Security Pro Review

Domain Security Pro Main Interface

Domain Security Pro Review

Watch the video explaining all the features included in this powerful software application.

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Hackers come in all shapes colors and sizes…

Most of us think hackers are some sort of automated malicious bots working 24/7/365 against our websites. Others a hacker works globally and would pick websites randomly.

While both of these are true, the stark truth is that most malicious attack are done by those close to us:

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  • a former partnership that ended badly and he/she seek to harm you
  • a disgruntled former employee you fired and who now has the vengeance in his blood
  • a competitor with twisted ways to play the game
  • a past customer who feels he was treated unfairly

We all have seen both types of attacks happening to us.

The Global Bot Malicious Attacks happened to my WordPress sites on several occasions. One of these attacks put me out of business for one month and I lost my search engine ranking.

An other Global Bot Attack happened last April 2013. Most of my WordPress sites were shut down by someone doing  Bruteforce Attempts. Bruteforce is when someone accesses your admin directory and tries to your username and password until he gets them. The problem is if a bot or someone makes too many attempts it/he can shut you down for a while. Nasty stuff!

domain security pro hackerYou also have personal malicious attack attempts where evils do have attempt to guess your login access details to try to access the backend of your sites to steal your customer information and list.

WordPress Security Plugins Are Useless!

If you run over 50 or 100 wordpress sites, like I do, and you want to protect them all it’s a real nightmare.

All the WordPress Security Plugins I found and tried always have some kind of issues:

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  • They only protect some parts of your wordpress install
  • They are a pain in the butt to install and configure
  • They cause conflicts with other plugins or with your theme
  • They are not always compatible with your type of hosting platform
  • They rely on regular updates and are always a little behind the wordpress updates

If a hacker finds any vulnerabilities in your wordpress setup, he still can access your admin and disable the security plugin to do his damages.

Imagine if running 100 wordpress websites you need to manually update all your security plugins? How long is it going to take you to do it?

Also, security plugins very often slow down your site as they can require to use a lot of server resources.

Additionally,  a security plugin is not going to change and save all your wordpress admin password and membership admin areas in seconds, and it’s what most of us do need.

This is what the main interface of Domain Security Pro looks like:

Domain Security Pro Main Interface

There Are 6 Main Features:

1. Set .htaccess User/Password Protection Login To ANY Directory 

Domains Scurity Pro htaccess


What’s really cool is that you can set up this htaccess protection for any admin directory including, wordpress, forum, cms like Joomla, Drupal,… Membership or Affiliate Scripts…

There is no limit to which king of directory you can protect.

Domain Security Pro will automatically generate a username and a password and you can decide the strength of them (eg: number of characters, prefix…)

2. Hoplink Protection To Stop Thieves From Hijacking Your Content.

Stop people use your content like images or videos on your website, hosted on your server that you are paying for. By simply looking at the source code of your web page, they use your content links to embed your images and/or videos on their website, using your server resources and bandwidth, that cost you money!

With the Hoplink protection of Domain Security Pro, not only I can protect my files but also if someone tries to embed an image or a video from my website, not only it’s not going to work but it will redirect back to any website of your choice. This allows you to get more traffic to any page you chose if someone do try and hoplink your content.

Domain Security Pro Hoplink Protection

3. IP Lockdown Support

This is brutally effective. Instead of using the htaccess method, you can have the TOTAL CONTROL with IP Lockdown Protection.

With this feature you can decide what IP addresses can have access to your sensitive admin directories. With one click you can add one or several IP addresses. You can even detect your own IP address for easy inclusion.

See the screenshot below:

Domain Security Pro IP Lockdown

4. WordPress Admin Password Reset

It takes time to change your WordPress admin password: You need to login in your WordPress dashboard, go to users, select your profile and change your password manually.
If you manage several WordPress installations it is very time consuming and it could take you hours.


Domain Security Pro allows you to reset your WordPress admin password for ALL your WordPress installs in ONE CLICK!

You can change all your passwords again and again, anytime, quickly and easily. You can even set how strong the passwords will be in the number of characters Domain Security Pro generates.

5. Bulk Processing For All Functions

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  • With 1 Click of a button I can change all the passwords of all my WordPress Sites
  • With 1 Click of a button I can setup a .htaccess authentication screen
  • With 1 Click of a button I can setup an IP Lockdown to all my sensitive admin directories.



6. Import/Export .htaccess Backup

Import your FTP settings for easy and fast setup. Currently Domain Security Pro supports Filezilla FTP Client Import and Export to XML file.
There is also a .htaccess backup button just in case you need to restore.

Domain Security Pro Download
You can watch the video on youtube if you wish:

You can read my previous post about Domain Security Pro

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