Cash Funnels Machine Bonus

cash funnels machine bonus

My Cash Funnels Machine Bonus

I hope you like what you have seen so far, no talking about my special bonus offer for the cash funnels machine from Lucas Adamski.

As you probably know now, I’ve been one of the lucky beta testers who had access to Lucas Adamski’s product Cash Funnels Machine software before anyone else.

Also I’ve been able to pay around with this baby and also I can show real results from my testing.

You’ll see a lot of marketer promoting cash funnels machine all over the web, many of them are going to offer what themselves will call “crazy bonuses”

But unfortunately, as I’ve already seem on a few “early” promotion, most of them are not going to be relevant or useful as they are not designed to help you get the maximum from cash funnels machine.

You will be offered many outdated plr product, some rehashed training courses and so on.

So I decided to offer something that will really help you if you decide to buy using my affiliate link and use the cash funnels machine software.

Because I know how to use the software very well now, I also know how to get the maximum of it.


[list style=”green-check-8″]

  • I downloaded it
  • I’ve done the installation
  • I’ve done the configuration
  • I’ve created multiple funnels
  • I’ve requested affiliate approvals
  • I’ve setup everything
  • Generated free and paid traffic
  • Collected the commissions…


So instead of offering something you don’t need I thought how could I help the users of the cash funnels machine to get the most of it even faster.

Cash Funnels Machine Bonus 1

So I created a roadmap, or a step by step plan you can follow to have not one but your first 16 funnels up and running in no time.

What do I mean?

My first cash funnels machine ATM took me about an hour to set up following the simple and easy steps given by Lucas Adamski.

But, what if you could do 16 of these cash funnels machine ATM in 1 hour or less

Sounds Good?

Imagine having 16 cash funnels machine sites up and running almost instantly, ready to make you money! This way you can increase you chance by 16 to cash in and also you can increase your profits right from the beginning.

To make money, you need to get visitors to your cash funnels machine sites, right?

Cash Funnels Machine Bonus 2

I know, I’ve done it and I’m still driving traffic to my funnels…

I’m getting new subscribers daily, new sales and commissions as well!

So this is the second part of my cash funnels machine bonus:

[list style=”arroworange”]

  • Where to get the traffic from
  • Where to get free traffic from
  • The best place to get lightning fast traffic from
  • Where to NOT advertise (I’ve try it and I can tell you it doesn’t work, so save time…)
  • and much more

I also realised that some people, if they are just starting out, may be don’t know much about technical stuff, I mean FTP, Autoresponder, Follow up, all that good stuff.

So I want you to succeed and get the same or even better results than me.

Cash Funnels Machine Bonus 3

This is where this cash funnels machine bonus PART 3 comes in:

[list style=”plusorange”]

  • Is you need or wish, I’ll install “FREE of Charge” the cash funnels machine software on your server
  • I’ll configure the basic stetting
  • I’ll answer any of your questions
[/list]Yes I know Lucas Adamski has a fantastic support service, but you know, he is going to be really busy with his launch so if you need help or extra help, you know I’m here!

Cash Funnels Machine Bonus 4

And to make this even better, I decided to create a private Skype group to help anyone who decide to buy through my affiliate link:

In this very private group you will only meet users of the cash funnels machine so you’ll be able to:

[list style=”yellow-arrow-1″]

  • Ask questions, find answers…
  • Find JV
  • Organise Ad Swaps
  • Talk about traffic
  • Share ideas, tips,…
  • Learn from me and other users
  • and much more
[/list]I think this is the coolest part of my cash funnels machine bonus, no one is doing this!

Another issue for people interested in buying cash funnels machine is that some of them don’t know much about website or do not have a web hosting.

Cash Funnels Machine Bonus 5 (SECRET)

This is the fifth part of my cash funnels machine bonus. I’m going to help the one who really needs somewhere to start but I cannot reveal this publicly.

If you want to know more about this part of the bonus, you don’t have a web hosting account or some of the tools needed to use the cash funnels machine system, send me an emaill at marc [at] and I’ll be in touch with you to help you out.

So if you think this cash funnels machine bonus can help you succeed faster, by having the proper system in place, being able to get help from other users included myself, knowing where to get the right fast traffic, than you can buy through my cash funnels machine bonus affiliate link.

Read about the test I did in my cash funnels machine review

You can see here the Cash Funnels Machine Easy To Use page

cash funnels machine bonus





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